When one happy customer isn't enough

Do you remember the emotional roller coaster of buying and selling?

First, that big decision to move.  All your friends and relatives have an opinion on what you should do. After all it’s usually the biggest decision you make in a lifetime.

Second, you need to get your house ready for sale.  Everything’s on public display. Will buyers like it? Have we priced it correctly?

Third, the thrill of an offer and the exciting rush of searching for your new perfect home.  And that’s just the start!

What about the tense wait for exchange then settlement? What if the buyers pull out? What if the vendors have a change of heart? Will the building inspection come up trumps? What if someone’s finance falls through?

It can be a long chain of events and players that stack up like a big house of cards that could come crashing down easily if not handled with a cool head and a caring heart.

Now imagine all of this tension, excitement and anticipation……..times three!

That was the challenge for Fisk & Nagle’s Chrisi Haar when she recently had three clients selling and buying each other’s properties at the same time.  All three were located a short distance from each other and close to Chrisi’s office at Fisk & Nagle First Choice in Tura Beach.

“One couple was looking to upgrade to a house with ocean views” said Chrisi. “Another needed to move to a place with less stairs and the last couple were moving closer to family.”

“The couple looking for ocean views bought the house of the couple who needed less stairs and the couple needing less stairs bought the house of the couple moving to be closer to family. That’s a lot of balls in the air to juggle”.

Little did all the buyers and sellers know that all this is just a normal day in the office for the team at Fisk & Nagle. It’s just a matter of applying the same attention to detail and care, times three, to what is a very emotional journey.

“Regular updates for all parties was key,” says Chrisi. “Owners and buyers trust you to keep in contact with updates or hiccups along the way.”

“Any sale is not just about the mechanics of contracts, inspections and money, it’s about listening to clients, understanding their needs and sticking with them from first handshake to the handover of keys”.

With the precision, focus and flexibility of an Olympic diver, Chrisi managed to score gold for all three couples, helping them make a smooth transition to the perfect new home.

If you’re thinking of moving, give the team at Fisk & Nagle First Choice a call for a winning level of service, advice and care from people you can trust.

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When one happy customer isn't enough