Blast from the Past helps Create the Future

For Elsie and Peter Ongley, a 20 year old real estate sign has given them the opportunity to start a new future. Up until Anna Moreing from Fisk & Nagle knocked on their door, moving house was just a vague idea in the back of their minds. It’s funny how fate steps in. The Ongleys had only just settled on the need sell, just as Anna was going door to door offering to help people.

It re-established a relationship that dates back to 1997, when Elsie and Peter brought their Yarrawood Drive home at Berrambool from Fisk & Nagle.

In fact, the old Fisk & Nagle Real Estate sign that advertised the house 29 years ago, was still in the Ongley’s garage! “Being a nice, flat, straight item, we had used the back of the sign to advertise a garage sale in the past, but otherwise it was just tucked up behind something in the garage, forgotten about,” Elsie says.

The story perhaps highlights something all real estate agents strive for – long-term relationships.

Fisk & Nagle was there in 1997 and trusted again in 2016 as Elsie and Peter prepared for their next phase of life. Their much loved home on Yarrawood Drive is now for sale, there was no need even to put a more modern Fisk & Nagle real estate sign out front.

The encounter was a highlight for agent Anna as well. Having worked at Dongwha Timber in Bombala for 16 years, Anna had changed careers just a month before. The Ongley’s home is the first property Anna has listed for sale. Fisk & Nagle has been selling property in and around Merimbula since 1967 and will celebrate their 50th Anniversary next year. It’s a history built on trust and serving clients.

Elsie and Peter’s story is a great example of that in action. As for the Ongleys, their search for a smaller, easier to manage property closer to family in Canberra has begun.

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Blast from the Past helps Create the Future