Broadwater: Why Live in Broadwater?


Broadwater Real Estate & Design

The homes around Broadwater are on acreage or large blocks. The real estate has an old fashioned charm. Colonial style homes remain, some renovated and modernised and others not. The majority of these houses are built from weatherboard however several are from local stone and render. Later developments have contemporary brick and tile residences. You will find large modern houses, some of traditional style, others a modern or rustic bush retreat and many with excellent views stretching over the lake and surrounding hills.


The nearest town is Pambula and is only 5 minutes away. Pambula has a quirky mixture of shops leaning to the unusual, old fashioned or sustainable. Explore organic foods in colonial aged buildings complete with weathered timber floorboards, sample organic extremely tasty bakery goods at the local baker and buy some of the best tasting meat at the local butcher. Pambula is home to one of the area’s largest furniture and carpet shops along with a number of small industrial enterprises. A local grocery store, newsagency and post office is available in the centre of Pambula. Larger supermarket chains, fashion shops, books and toy shops are located in Merimbula.

Schools, Education & Institutions

Primary school aged children are able to attend the Pambula Public Primary School in Pambula. Private schooling for primary aged children is available at the Sapphire Coast Anglican College. Secondary students attend the Eden Marine High School or the Catholic College at Pambula, Lumen Christ Catholic College.

Distance From Cities & Transportation

The nearest town is Pambula. Pambula is an approximate five minute drive from Pambula Beach and Merimbula. State and Interstate bus services provide daily services to Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra from Merimbula or Bega. Merimbula airport has daily flights to Melbourne and Sydney. There are limited bus services for public transportation however full bus services are provided for all school aged children.

Sports & Fitness

Pambula Lake is a great location for swimming, fishing and other water sports. Pambula Lake, south of Merimbula, also known as the Broadwater, produces good catches of bream, dusky flathead, tailor, whiting, salmon, gummy sharks and mulloway. Despite its popularity and closeness to major population centres, the lake foreshores remain relatively pristine, with eucalypts growing to the water. The Broadwater area is great for bushwalking and bird watching. Whether you’re looking for birds of the forests, mountains and grasslands or the waterways, ocean and marshes you will find them all in the area. A huge range of birds call this landscape home, with changing vistas from the ocean shores to open forests to patches of unique rainforest. Twitchers can get up close and personal with birds of prey, rare wetland, grassland and woodland species by utilising some of the bird watching hides scattered throughout the region.

Restaurants & Cafes

The nearest Pambula has some great cafes and restaurants. Choose from organic bakeries, a delicious delicatessen, Thai, seafood or experience fine dining in an old world era at The Grange located in South Pambula. Other international cuisine and standard takeaway are available at nearby Merimbula.

Famous Landmarks

The Sapphire Coast is clearly in a class of its own when it comes to oysters after local producers took out the entire top half of the medal winners list at the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show for Sydney Rock oysters. Oysters have been farmed at Pambula Lake, in Broadwater, for over 100 years. This estuary is the perfect environment for the Sydney Rock Oyster and this has been confirmed through awards and accolades worldwide. Broadwater Oysters is an oyster farming and processing business based on Pambula Lake. When the oysters are mature, at 3 years of age, the business harvest and process them for sale, offering opened, unopened or bottled oysters, retail to the general public, and wholesale unopened to restaurants and processors. They have been farming Sydney Rock oysters in Pambula Lake for 12 years. They offer a friendly atmosphere where you can talk to farmers about oyster production and see them at work. You can eat your freshly opened oysters outside by the lake, or the staff will pack them for you to take away. Settlers Cottage on the Princes Highway was originally built much further south as the home of a pine plantation manager. It was dismantled and reconstructed on its present site where it has been a galley restaurant featuring local and city artists, crafts and antiques, a pottery shop, and is now a private residence.


For centuries the Far South coast of New South Wales was populated by the Thaua Yuin Aboriginal peoples and there are middens in the Broadwater area dating back 3000 years. The European connection started in 1797 with the voyage of discovery by George Bass but the first white settlement was not made until the 1830’s when the Imlay brothers established cattle runs on the Pambula River flats. Initially grazing and agriculture were the main land uses and stock routes opened up the country. Oysters have been farmed in Pambula Lake, in Broadwater, for over 100 years. This estuary is the perfect environment for the Sydney Rock Oyster and this has been confirmed through awards and accolades worldwide.

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