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At Fisk and Nagle, our goal is to help you to buy the house that you want, at a price that is fair.

We’ll only show you houses and businesses that fit your criteria and budget. ​We won’t  show you properties that aren’t what you want. By listening, we’ll understand the features that you need and then find you a perfect home, business or investment. We’ll stay in constant contact, inform you of new properties as they become available and will listen and act on your feedback.

We’ll work closely with you through the legal process and act as a trusted intermediary when negotiating with the vendor. From the first inspection to handing over the keys to your new home or investment, we’ll be there by your side.

First Home Owners

Owning Real Estate is part of the great Australian dream. Congratulations! You’ve worked hard and made sacrifices to save for the deposit on a home of your own. Now the fun part begins! Because shopping for a home will be one of the most expensive purchases in your life, going into a real estate transaction without doing your homework first can be stressful and expensive. So you want to get it right, talk with us or take a look at our buying tricks and tips.

Experienced home owners

You’ve lived through that heady excitement of your first home purchase, developed an intimate relationship with your bank and painted, papered and gardened your annual leave and weekends away to achieve your dream home. But now it’s time to up-size or downsize, tree change or sea change, head to the hills or sit by the sea.

After one purchase or more, you might consider yourself a savvy real estate investor with a good working knowledge of the real estate and property industry. But what has changed since you last bought a home?

To brush up and hone your real estate purchasing skills, talk with us and have a look at our buying tips. And if you can add a few tips that really ought to be there – we’d love to hear about them and share them with others.


You’re looking for return and capital growth.  You have a choice of where you put your investment dollars and you want to make sure it works for you. Whether you’re looking for a steady income or a quick profit, a strong yield or tax effective asset strategies, Fisk and Nagle can help you decide on the most appropriate investment. Investment markets wax and wane depending on geography, micro and macro economics.  Talk with us or have a look at our investment tips to discover why Fisk and Nagle is southeast NSW’s regional leader for property investment advice.