Design Tips For Selling Your Property in Merimbula

Getting ready to sell your property in Merimbula? Or have you just purchased your new home in Merimbula? Either way you may be thinking of upgrading your house or apartment to create a good first impression.  First impressions are so important when selling and it’s so satisfying to create an individual look in a newly acquired home. Here are a few simple design tips to help you achieve your desired look.

Firstly, find your ‘One Visual  Star’ – follow this basic rule of decorating, that is one room, one visual star. You may decide it is the wallpaper that you identify as the star, all other items within the space should then be complementary to the wallpaper such as the colours you introduce. These should be the same colour as in the wallpaper, but a softer tone to avoid clashing. You can use other elements as the star, such as a painting or a piece of furniture. Once your star is identified, design the other elements of the room around it.

Colour trends – consider the trends for 2013 and incorporate them into your colour scheme, particularly if you are upgrading your property for sale. This will create a fresh, modern look. A new paint of coat is easy and lifts a space immediately. The latest colour in neutrals is grey, so replace your beige with a soft grey, even moving towards a mauve tint. A black and white colour theme is currently very popular. The newest trend is toward bold colours, particularly in wallpaper, furnishings, cushions and rugs.

The current trend is for accessories and lots of them.  You can create a great designer look in your space with minimal effort with the addition of pieces like a new rug or lamp.  The addition of mirrors, vases, bowls and cushions coordinated to give a luxe look will immediately update your design.

An upgrade to the bathroom makes a big difference to your home, immediately modernising it. In this small but essential room quality materials and fittings will have the most impact. Consider tiles, marble and stone, with the large selection available of these wonderful options you can get the exact look you desire. Fittings, like basins, are best in sturdy materials like ceramic and stone. Make sure you have incorporated good ventilation and lighting into your design, this will make all the difference to the finish.

For a statement piece that is a talking point place a classic piece of furniture, a beautifully designed yet practical desk in the study, bedroom or living space.  A desk made of wood, will improve in looks as it ages and a glass and metal desk will stay on trend.  Another classic decorating idea, a floor to ceiling bookcase, creates a showpiece on an empty wall. The tip is to use solid timber to withstand the weight of books; cheaper designs tend to warp and bend. The addition of photos, objects d’art and ornaments add interest and personality to your favourite book collection.

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Design Tips For Selling Your Property in Merimbula