"No, I Don't Want to Sell My House!"

It’s easy to make assumptions but armed with the facts a true picture starts to emerge and with it comes options for your future.

You may not want to sell your house now, but properties in the region are selling fast and Fisk & Nagle is in the very real position of needing new stock to satisfy the unmet needs of the buyers we are working with.  Established homes, townhouses, and units – there is buyer interest in all.

A market appraisal of your property at this point in time could open ideas for now or 10 years down the track.  It costs you nothing to find out today’s market value of your home but the avenues you can explore armed with this knowledge can be valuable and empowering.

Recent experience points to multiple buyer interest in particular properties, with money coming from Sydney, Victoria, the Shoalhaven and from within South East NSW. In many cases we are selling properties before any marketing takes place – even before a sign is hammered into the front lawn.  There is buyer interest across all price brackets and they are very clear about what they are looking for.

Armed with that knowledge, an appraisal of your property now will give you a sense of where you sit in the market, the likely level of interest and direct you towards options for your future.

As an agent there is real ‘buy in’ when it comes to seeing your plans become a reality, and what we have seen lately are local sellers making the most of the hot market and that is personally rewarding.

This is a genuine offer to come and meet with you, and see how we might be able to work together.  You can expect to see Fisk & Nagle agents in your street talking to your neighbours about the possibilities.

You might be happy and comfortable,with no intentions of selling or moving. But a market appraisal now starts to build the layers of information you need to take hold of your future.

This is what we do and enjoy, so contact us  today and drive your prosperity.

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"No, I Don't Want to Sell My House!"