Listening for Sharks Off Main Beach Merimbula

This February, as your bum finds that sweet spot in the sand at Merimbula’s Main Beach, a tall yellow buoy beyond the last line of breakers will catch your eye.

It’s a Shark Listening Station designed to complement the twice daily shark spotting aerial patrols.

The station off Main Beach is the twentieth installed along the New South Wales coastline.

These satellite-linked receivers record the presence of 114 tagged White Sharks and 88 Bull Sharks that might happen to swim within 500 metres of the listening station. 

Any alerts are sent instantly to life guards and mobile phones via Twitter and the SharkSmart App.

Andrew Edmunds, Director, Far South Coast Surf Life Saving told About Regional that his organisation welcomes anything that helps lifesavers manage risk and allows people to make informed choice

“Sharks are not the biggest risk to swimmers though,” Mr Edmunds said.

“Since the start of summer, we have had 21 deaths in New South Wales waters, none have been a result of shark interaction,” Mr Edmunds said.

“Unpatrolled beaches, rips and strong currents, not wearing life-jackets, unsupervised pools, ponds, and dams – these are the biggest risks.”

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Listening for Sharks Off Main Beach Merimbula