Long Point: Why live in Long Point Merimbula?


Long Point Real Estate & Design

Long Point is considered one of the premium areas of Merimbula. With outstanding views over the Merimbula Main Surf Beach , lake entrance and as far south as Pambula Beach, Long Point is home to large, executive style housing with large balconies and walls of glass. Long Point real estate is coveted property with excellent resale value. Older homes remain although there is considerable rebuilding and subdividing of land. Newly constructed houses are not meek, rather they claim their opulence by standing bold against the side of the hill; long clean lines designed to take greatest advantage of the spectacular views over lake and ocean.


Long Point is a five minute drive to the Merimbula township. Full shopping services are provided at Merimbula however larger grocery chains are available at the new Tura Beach shopping centre.

Schools, Education & Institutions

Primary aged school children attend the state provided Merimbula Public primary school. Private options are available at the Catholic primary schools located in Pambula and Bega and the Anglican primary campus at Pambula. Secondary aged students attend the Eden Marine High School or have the private options of the Lumen Christi Catholic College at Pambula or the Sapphire Coast Anglican College Bega campus. TAFE facilities are provided at Bega and for those wishing to undertake university studies the University of Wollongong now has a campus in Bega and has several degrees on offer.

Distance from Cities & Transportation

Long Point is an approximate five minute drive to Merimbula. There are a number of walking paths to the township that take in the natural beauty of the area. State and Interstate bus lines run daily services to Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney from Bega and Merimbula. The Merimbula airport has daily flights to Sydney and Melbourne. Some local bus services are provided however these may be limited. Full bus services are provided for school children.

Sports & Fitness

Merimbula has a wide choice of sporting activities available. The area is a natural playground and residents take full advantage of the close proximity to beaches and lakes. Nearby Bournda and Ben Boyd national parks provide excellent walking, hiking and cycling tracks and camping opportunities. Team sports are played on the nearby Berrambool oval, Pambula Beach oval or the Merimbula netball courts located on Fishpen. A heated swimming pool available for lessons, swim training and fitness exercises is available at Pambula Beach. Long Point has family friendly beaches at Bar Beach and Spencer Park. Spencer Park has a large grassed area for children to play and a playground. A favourite activity for young children is to observe the soldier crabs on the sand. The Merimbula Wharf is a popular place to fish.

Restaurants & Cafes

Merimbula has a wide array of restaurants, cafes and club food. Many international cuisines are available. Coffee and breakfast can be had while overlooking the picturesque Merimbula Lake or meals enjoyed from the comfort of restaurants with panoramic views over the lake and ocean. The Merimbula Wharf at Long Point offers lunch, coffee and dinner.

Famous Landmarks

The Merimbula Wharf situated towards the end of Long Point is well known by locals and visitors. The scarlet red cargo shed which now houses a restaurant can be seen from many parts of Merimbula and the lake. The Wharf is now a popular place for a meal while downstairs has been converted to an aquarium. A fishing platform now exists and is great place for youngsters to drop a line.


The first inhabitants of the Long Point Merimbula area were the Yuin people. Their land stretched from Wallagoot Lake to Greencape in Eden and inland to the escarpment of the Great Divide. European settlement began in the 1830s. The first settlers were thought to be the Imlay brothers who later sold their leases to the Walker brothers. The Twofold Bay Pastoral Association subsequently purchased the land from the Walker brothers. Merimbula was opened as a port by the Twofold Bay Pastoral Association in 1855, and by the 1870’s was a thriving hub. Between 1901 and 1904 a wharf was constructed on the southern side of Long Point. Built from turpentine the wharf faced was used to load passengers and cargo. The wharf remained in use until 1952 when competition from road and rail closed the shipping company. The original structure was demolished in 1982 due to cost of repair and the current smaller fishing platform was constructed. The buildings that house the Merimbula Wharf restaurant and aquarium are the original cargo sheds.

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