Millingandi: Why live in Millingandi?


Millingandi Real Estate & Design

The development of Millingandi remains an ongoing process. As land becomes available, modern contemporary style houses are being constructed. Houses on sites further inland tend to reflect a more rustic style, often constructed from timber, mud bricks or straw bale. The area behind Pambula along the Bald Hills Road has seen heavy development over the past years and a wide range of housing has been constructed. This has become an area where large, executive style homes have been built to take advantage of ocean or rural views. The advantage and appeal of this area is the close proximity of a five minute drive to either Merimbula or Pambula, acreage sized sections and views.


Residents of Millingandi have convenient access to the Pambula shopping village or the Merimbula main shopping centre. Larger grocery stores are further available in the nearby Tura Beach shopping centre. Commercial and agricultural supplies are available in the small clusters of industrial retail in Pambula or at Bega.

Schools, Education & Institutions

Primary aged school children can attend the state Pambula Public primary school or the Merimbula Public primary school. Private primary education is available at the Sapphire Coast Anglican College Pambula Campus and as of 2012 at the Lumen Christ Catholic College. Secondary students attend the Eden Marine High School or the Sapphire Coast Anglican College at Bega or Lumen Christ Catholic College at Pambula.

Distance from Cities & Transportation

Millingandi is a five minute drive to Pambula, Pambula Beach and Merimbula. State and Interstate bus lines run daily services to Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney from Bega and Merimbula. The Merimbula airport has daily flights to Sydney and Melbourne. Some local bus services are provided however these may be limited. Full bus services are provided for school children.

Sports & Fitness

Millingandi residents have access to the sporting facilities located at Pambula, Pambula Beach and Merimbula. These areas are a short five minute drive and most sporting and fitness interests are catered to. Childrenā€™s sporting activities are usually held at the Berrimbool Oval, the Pambula Beach Oval or the Merimbula netball courts.

Restaurants & Cafes

Nearby Pambula village has some excellent cafes and eating places. For great coffee and organic bread and bakery goods it is hard to outdo Wild Rye. Thai food is available at Covingtons, a historic property located in the heart of Pambula; seafood at the Wheelers seafood restaurant and for fine dining, The Grange at South Pambula is hard to surpass.


Millingandi is a rural area located at the far end of Back Lake. The area stretches from Merimbula Drive to Pambula. Millingandi is part of the area belonging to the Thaua people. The Thaua people occupied land from south of Wallagoot Lake to Greencape and inland to the escarpment of the Great Divide. There were two groups of Thaua; the Katungal or sea coast people and Baianbal or Paienbara, the inland tomahawk people. Both tribes belonged to the Yuin cultural area. After European settlement Millingandi was farming land. The construction of the Merimbula bypass through Millingandi divided the land and smaller parcels of land were subdivided. Millingandi is now an area of small rural acreage with larger lifestyle blocks available further inland. The land to the north, northeast of the highway overlooks or backs onto the Back Lake. Land on the southern or western side has views over Back Lake, Merimbula and Fishpen area.

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