Will Professional Photography help to sell my home?

Presenting your home for sale online is more important than the physical visit from a buyer. They won’t even make an appointment to walk through the front door if they’re not impressed by what they see on the internet.

That means it’s in your best interest to have your home’s online profile looking impressive and  information-packed. In the internet age, buyers search online to identify a short-list of properties they want to view.  If it doesn’t meet their criteria, they won’t waste their time looking on a physical inspection.

And that means Professional Photography and Floor plans.

While almost everyone owns a camera these days, that doesn’t mean that they are a              professional photographer. We all own scissors, but don’t cut our own hair. A professional       photographer not only uses better cameras and lenses than a smartphone, he or she will also have an understanding of the best lighting for both  inside and outside your house.

By themselves, fantastic photos are a great first line offering on the internet. But how do they put the jigsaw puzzle of photos together. With a Floor plan, they can imagine themselves living in your property. They can see where their furniture will fit and play with new uses for rooms or possible changes to the building layout.

For out of town buyers, Professional photography and Floor plans are a must. For local buyers, browsing websites looking for a new home, they are also the first step before calling your agent and booking an inspection.

But upfront costs can be a turnoff! What if your property doesn’t sell or you change your mind about selling? To put it simply, your real estate agent should include Floor plans and Professional photography in their costs.

Fisk & Nagle First Choice do just that – come and see us today about selling your home and making it stand out from the crowd online.

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Will Professional Photography help to sell my home?