Second to none

I would like to extend a heart warm thank you from Shane and myself in the very quick sale of our home. That was a brilliant effort and brilliant outcome by you. When I met you, you were biting at the bit to sell this home as we were under another real estate agent for quite some months and you could not understand why such a property had not sold.  During this time as you know Shane suffered a heart attack which was followed by a triple bypass and this was a horrific time for us. This where I wanted a fresh head to sell the property and your eagerness stood out.

You and the Fisk and Nagle team are second to none. You had our home sold in 6 six weeks and you had an eye for suitable buyers which is outstanding. I would not hesitate in recommending you to anyone who wanted to sell their home, and you have shown so much enthusiasm and professionalism which we thank you.